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wow or, Billet Wow Or, wow gold
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wow or, Billet Wow Or, wow gold

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Delivery Method:
Face to Face Trade
Please login your game before checking out since most times the delivery happens right after checking out. Sometimes you might receive several partial deliveries. For WOW, The face to face meeting point is Stormwind (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde).
DO NOT give back the gold after trade under any circumstance, even if it is the same char that just traded with you.because they are all scammers with similar names.If you give it to anyone after the trade ,we WILL NOT bear the loss.
Deliver by Auction House Buyout
Just list several(according to the amount of gold you are ordering) cheap items on the auction house, and make sure set the buyout price 10000G and duration as 48hrs for each item. E.g., if you are making a 150000G order, just list 15 items. You may find how to list them in bulk in the following screenshot. The gamers will make delivery by buying out your items. Sometimes you might receive several partial deliveries. Please make sure list them before checking out because sometimes the delivery might happen right after checking out. Make sure list the same auction item and make sure the item and char name you provide here are exactly correct (e.g., do not change Snowball to Snowballs or Snow Ball). Failing to find your auction items will lead to a pause of your order and you will have to contact us to resume the order. *Since the AH will take 5% fee, as a compensation, we will give 7% of the amount you paid as your bonus points after the order has been delivered. 1 bonus=$1.

In-Game Mail
Game Info:
Auction item name:
Note: Non-alphabet letters are not allowed. Please make sure put the same item name on the AH. Please make sure the auction item name is exactly correct.
Character Name:

100% Money Back Guaranteed:

Our Philosophy: GameUSD has always believed that providing customers with superior service is the key to building loyal relationships. Our customer-centered philosophy is embraced by every employee at GameUSD and is evidenced by the policies we stand behind, including:
1) 100% Money Back Guarantee - We promise we would refund you based on your request at any time before delivery if you are not 100% satisfied with our service.
2) 24/7 Customer Service Support - If any rare occurrence happens, you may use our 24/7 live chat function to let us know. Our fully trained customer service staff are standing by and will be very happy to help you!

Recruit Resellers & Affiliates:

If you are satisfied with our service, why not be one of our resellers or affiliates and earn real money by giving more players a chance to use our service? Find how the system works >>

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wow or, Billet Wow Or, wow gold
Buy WOW Gold
WOW Gold
wow or, Billet Wow Or, wow gold
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9651 Reviews
95.8263% Rating

As of 31-Aug
2015-08-30 Review:
Best price, fastest delivery, could only be better if it was free! >>>
2015-08-30 Review:
Great Service and very quick delivery time. I will definitely be buying here again in the future!!! >>>
2015-08-29 Review:
Have made purchases here many times so far for WoW gold. Great prices, and very good customer service! Had an incident w... >>>
2015-08-28 Review:
Made a mistake on my part with the order. Got in refunded in no time at all. Am a returning customer and will be for a l... >>>
2015-08-23 Review:
Have shopped here for WoW gold multiple times and will continue to. Had a hold up on a 1-30min ETA but contacted them th... >>>
2015-08-15 Review:
Super fast, thank you! >>>
2015-08-15 Review:
Amazing. >>>
2015-08-13 Review:
It's the third time I'm buying here, Love it! >>>
2015-08-08 Review:
Good >>>
2015-08-08 Review:
It's been a while since i ordered last, but it still rules! :D >>>
2015-08-01 Review:
Very competitive pricing, delivery times could be improved, was kept 3 hours for a 30 minute expected delivery once. I'v... >>>
2015-07-29 Review:
Quick and easy! >>>
2015-07-24 Review:
I've ordered 3 times. The first order I was kind of worried about it and even more so after I waited 3 days thinking I g... >>>
2015-07-23 Review:
Fair prices, fast delivery!! Couldn't ask for anything more. thank you! >>>
2015-07-22 Review:
Bought from here multiple times, they have never failed to deliver on time. Amazing service, 10/10 would shop here again... >>>
2015-07-18 Review:
Excellent i received my gold in a short period and i will be back for more. to anyone who wants to know if this site is ... >>>
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As of 31-Aug
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